How can you be sure that your app idea will make money, before you build?

February 28, 2024

Ever wonder if your app idea has what it takes to thrive in the market? Entrepreneurs wouldn’t invest in a dead end, hence the meticulous risk assessment before committing. The same applies to app development.

To ensure your app isn’t a dead end, validate the idea first. Here’s how:

1. Define the Problem Clearly:

At the core lies understanding the problem your app solves. A vague notion won’t cut it. Define the problem precisely, leaving no room for ambiguity. Only a clear problem can be assessed for market potential.

2. Is There a Market for This Problem?

Let’s say your idea is an urban parcel delivery service – targeting businesses and individuals who want hassle-free delivery. To see if it’s a solution people seek, use tools like Keyword Magic. Search “delivery service” as seen below.

A weekly search volume of 70 indicates there’s potential interest for bike delivery. These could be your initial users if they find your app!

3. Research the Competition:

The easiest way to find competitors is a simple Google search.

If similar apps exist, check their ratings, downloads, and reviews. This provides insight into the market potential and user expectations.

4. Go Beyond Data: Understand Your Audience:

Data can’t tell the whole story. To truly grasp your target audience, delve into their world. Use surveys and questionnaires to connect directly with potential users and understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. This validates your concept or prompts course correction.

5. Validate Your Idea with a Prototype:

The ultimate test: the prototype. Here, your app comes to life. Design interfaces and interactions that mimic real-world scenarios, allowing users to naturally navigate the app. This hands-on approach validates your user journey and gathers valuable feedback for refinement.

With data, research, and a validated prototype, you move from uncertainty to confidence. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to unleash your app on the world. By going through the validation process, your idea transforms from a simple concept into a market-ready contender, ready to stand out from the crowd.