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We use the latest stable technologies in the industry and follow best practices that have been proven to yield the results that boosts your business. We create responsive Websites and Web applications that fits and runs well on the browsers of multiple devices (Phone, Tablets, PC and Mac). 

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Tech Details

  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • JPA
  • JDBC

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Some Features
We CAN Implement

Email / Password Authentication
Classic registration and connection by email and password.
Social network authentication
Registration and connection via an RS account (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter)
Invitation emails
New users of the application can be invited by email.
Forgotten password
Safe user password reset process

The dashboard is usually the first thing the user accesses after logging in. It summarizes relevant data and can even display graphs and issue opinions.
Activity feed
Generally summarizes the user’s recent activity in the application.
Loading files
Allows users to load multimedia content (images and videos), documents (PDF, Word, etc.) and various files into the application.
User profiles
Allows users to manage and publish their profiles to other users in the application.
Automatic emails
Allows the app to send automated email to users regularly to boost engagement or notify them of changes.
Tags (tags)
They allow users to classify information so that others can find relevant information.
Ratings and Reviews
Allows users of the app to assign ratings and post reviews about users or the services provided to express satisfaction.
Plain text search
Allows users to search for data in the application naturally, using a simple text search box.

For viewing and capturing data in a calendar format.
Display of cartographic data / Geolocation
For the display of a map with data points, for example the locations of sites, the locations of conductors, etc.
Display of custom markers
To allow the user to visually select a map area or custom icons for different types of locations.
Selection of start and end dates, capacity management, etc.

Allows application users to send messages to other users or groups of users.
Forum or comments
Classic forum functionality for users of the application or simple comments on the information published in the application.
Social sharing
Ability to share information in a controlled manner on social media accounts to drive engagement.
Transfer to Facebook Open Graph
Transfer the content of your application directly to Facebook Open Graph

Plans Allows the application to have a plan-based revenue model where customers will pay monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.
Payment Processing
Allows the application to process ad hoc payments, regular user payments, manage refunds, etc.
Shopping Cart
Users can browse products in the app and add them to a shopping cart, just like Amazon.
Users can sell products or services to other users in the app, for a revenue model based on a commission model.
Product management
Ability to manage in the application data such as product lists, their availability, or other relevant data relating to these products in the business area to which the application belongs.

CMS integration
A CMS (Content Management System) or content management system allows administrators of the application to modify important parts of the static content of the application without intervention from the developers.
User management
Allows administrators of the application to list, add, delete or suspend user accounts.
Moderation / Validation of content
Allows the administrators of the application to check in advance the content submitted by users for publication, and to have a process for validating this content before it is visible to other users.
Usage analysis
To allow administrators of the application to find out where their users come from and how they use the application. We integrate Kiss metrics and Google Analytics for this purpose.
Crash report
Allows the administrators of the application to be automatically notified in the event of a bug or crash recorded in the application. We integrate Sentry.
Performance monitoring 
Allows application administrators to monitor the quality of the user experience on a daily basis, as well as the level of use of the application’s hosting environment.
Multilingual support
To allow the application to be accessible in several languages.

Connection to one or more third-party services
To interact the application with other third-party applications or services using the REST or SOAP API provided by the latter.
Connection of one or more third-party services
To the application To allow other third-party applications or services to interact with the application using the REST API provided by the latter.
SMS messaging
Allows the app to send SMS
Integration of electronic payment APIs
Allows you to make PayPal, Stripe, VISA and Mobile Money payments directly in the application.

Security Based on SSL Certificates
Provides a standard way of ensuring the security of user data while using the application.
DoS protection
To prevent applications with high transaction volume and high public profile from being the target of denial of service attacks.
Double Authentication
To strengthen the security of applications based on financial or very sensitive information. This requires the user to provide additional information above a simple password to authenticate.

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